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Auto mould market 70 billion into mould market development the top priority

Recently, the international model Association Secretary General Luo Baihui presented at the hengli mold industry forum, automobile and motorcycle industry mould demand of more than 70 billion a year, and our national large-scale precise molds manufacturing capacity is far from enough, the current high profile car cover parts of China rely almost entirely on imports, large internal and external decorations plastic mold is also a big demand. Development of high-tech precision automobile, motorcycle Panel die and large internal and external decorations plastic mold is China automobile and motorcycle moulds work.

Luo Baihui says, in the mold of China's market, automobile mould development is the top priority. Because of China's automobile and motorcycle industry is one of the five pillar industries of the national economy, in 2012, China's auto production has exceeded 19.31 million vehicles, from the perspective of industrial economic development, China's automobile and motorcycle industry into "economic takeoff" phases, production and sales volume, will inevitably bring about strong economic demand, brought huge market to automobile and motorcycle moulds. With the rapid growth of China's exports of automobiles, motorcycles, and plastic molds instead of wood and metal, makes plastic molds in large quantities in the automotive and motorcycle industries, especially the development of new materials and new processing technology, making plastic products in automobile and motorcycle industry's growing demand. To some extent, amount of plastic products for automobile, motorcycle could reflect a country's automobile and motorcycle industry development level.