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Chongqing Jiao Xun published a recent motorcycle safety tips

Motorcycle overcrowding is strictly prohibited to carry passengers. Overcrowded passenger would exacerbate the instability of a motorbike, to bring traffic safety hazard. Two-wheeled motorcycle driving people out, then take 1 person, but not take children under the age of 12. Motorcycles may not be manned.

Second, don't change lanes. Do not weaved back and forth, change lanes in traffic, in the far right lane, in only one lane of the road you should drive on the right.

Third, not parallel with larger vehicles. There is a Visual dead zone around large vehicles, once the sudden lane changes or emergency braking, easily lead to accidents, driving motorcycles should as far as possible away from big vehicles. In addition, the rapid passage of large vehicles, form closer to the air flow around objects have a suction effect, such as motorcycles are too close, is easy to be caught up in the cart bottom causing a traffic accident.