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We are now "friends riding a motorcycle on the road has become a sport, a way of life, the importance of experienced riders can best appreciate the formation of riding training, the formation of norms can not only ride with you a taste of good scenery and riding fun, more important is to let you come back safely!

The party members should keep the team spirit, the party is a collective activity, not their personal hero activities! The party involved must strictly abide by the traffic discipline.

1 I am sure that I am in good physical and psychological condition

Each knight must be guaranteed to be in a state of full mind before riding, whether it is physically or mentally.

2 check the motorcycle

Before starting on the motorcycle tire pressure, oil, turning lights and other adjustments, inspection, inspection may occur loose parts, in order to avoid failure on the way, the overall delay of the trip. If your tank is the smallest of the teams in the team, you need to inform the captain of the most remote mileage, the captain will be based on your information to adjust the itinerary.

3 preparation equipment

Before departure, all riders are ready and ready to debug their own communications equipment and toolbox, the team at least one knight has a fully equipped toolbox and a first aid kit.

4 maintain formation

This is a safe and boring thing. The pace of the team to keep the head car. Overtaking is not allowed in the queue, not a high technical director, head car should always pay attention to whether there is behind the players, potentially dangerous to advance that way. The tail vehicle distance with the car can not be too close, and ready to provide assistance to the faulty riders.

5 speed

Speed: usually kept between 30-50km/h more balanced forward, not speeding, not offside, not chasing each other, not short-term racing.

Hand gesture is the most simple way to communicate when you ride a bicycle. Using gestures not only can inform the next step in the group of members of the program, but also to reduce the risk of accidents knight. An experienced captain in front of the way through the gesture control the whole team to move orderly, behind teammates one captain will gesture to players to bring up the rear.

Please everyone is ready to start the engine

Please keep the team compact, pulling a small spacing

Please forward the two lines

Please use a line of advance

The team forward

The team will slow down

Pull over, the team finishing

Note: we turn left,

Note: we turn right,

I have left the team, risk

The team found that the risk of

The team noted that the risk (second hand gestures play)

The death of captain.