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Development prospect analysis: automobile and motorcycle moulds industry

As, the rapid growth of domestic exports of automobiles, motorcycles, automobile and motorcycle moulds industry will usher in a new development level. At present, the automobile, motorcycle plastics demand increased use of plastic materials has also been extended from the common plastics to higher, more better impact resistance of composite alloy or plastic, we can see that, as plastic materials and forming technology and process improvement of plastic products will be more widely used in the automotive and motorcycle industries, must be a big development with automobile, motorcycle moulds.

As the mould applications continues to expand consumer mold has also put forward higher requirements. Industrial development speed is much faster than the pace of development of other industries. At present, the world market generally in short supply, the total market is showing increasing trends. Mould of domestic exports is less than 10%, we mold can expand this share of the market. , Growing trend of economic globalization, the future international market prospects, and Chinese mold industry will usher in a huge space for development.