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First 3D plastic print motorcycle Grand available: up to 24km

RAPID2015 of California, this year's show, there was the world's first fully functional 3D printing motorcycle. In addition to the engine, a variety of electronic devices, conveyor belts, brake systems and some bolts in addition to all other parts of this motorcycle is made of ABS plastic print of, and it can carry the weight of two adult riders.

"3D printed car Strati a year before we had the idea of creating a 3D print motorcycle. "The motor development team--TEConnectivity the company's representative claimed that," in the beginning we're going 3D printing copies of a current motorcycle, but later rejected the idea. So we start with basic hard tail frame, and on this basis to expand. Simulation of the frame to be able to ensure that we have enough material, and only a few small changes. ”

TE teams using Creo parts of a design and software design of a motorcycle, and then use ANSYS simulation. TE company used industrial 3D printers designed to print the parts, including a variety of Fortus 3D printing, and a EOSM280. When all the parts are 3D printed out, the development team also conducted various forms of treatment, such as steam smoothing, polishing and painting, etc.