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In the age of unmanned vehicle, car attenuation, motorcycle or into the mainstream?

In this retrospective interconnected world, interactive Internet is clearly a means of access to large data, whether it is the car's networking life, or the life of mobile convenience. In the car, car networking than slightly started the layout of the unmanned vehicle is more dazzling limelight, even the concept of the unmanned vehicle, than the car intelligent hardware small swing to the attractive.

But compared to the former is not down to earth, the latter is clearly the most effective method to improve traffic. Such as a recorder, intelligent rearview mirror of automobile life now, although at present only in the driving of the user plays the auxiliary and regulatory process, such as the United States for customized navigation in which the play is, combined with the navigation performance of ADAS technology and excellent give users from the data sharing of the experience, although with no car cool the skill is far from, but for driver assistance and improve the status of speaking, more secure.

In addition to the layout of the car networking, the development of the motorcycle is also quite competitive market and unmanned vehicle, some investors and analysts believe that the automatic driving technology to bring more safe road, will be in the next few decades crazy motorcycle sales promotion. The existing motorcycle is judged to be manned tools the most unsafe, although it is easy to small individual free shuttle in the narrow road, but to the current traffic situation, it is extremely dangerous to ride a motorcycle on the road, especially in the United states.

The current American traffic mortality rate is the highest since 1966. In 2015, motorcycle drivers contributed 14.2% of all traffic deaths, but only 1% of all motor vehicle miles traveled by them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, in the first half of this year, the number of deaths related to traffic rose 10.4%.

Which caused the death of a motorcycle driver is the most familiar scene is the same lane or across the road to the car to turn left. The driver often let down the motorcycle speed error of judgment, or simply did not see, in the United States on the road, 1/5 motorcycle driver deaths are caused by this.

But if the autopilot technology molding, road driving will also have all improved, compared with human judgment, artificial intelligence perception may be more persuasive, but this is only based on the forming technology of automatic driving. For example, BMW has recently released a new product last 100 years concept series: BMW concept (BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 motorcycle), the motorcycle design inspired by BMW R32 motorcycle, the biggest bright spot is that the concept of motorcycle has super automatic balancing technology, will not easily fall, while the traditional driver helmet becomes all around the cool display goggles. Visible, the future of a great chance to stand in the car of the car dominated the market, and its competition.

As Mosquet Xavier, a senior partner at the Boston consulting firm, has said, motorcycle sales in the US, China and India will witness the most violent rise. While buying motivation is different, Americans ride and play, the Chinese and Indians are because they are cheaper, and security should be an important reason to stimulate sales in the above areas. In Europe, however, people who ride bikes in order to avoid traffic jams, the sales growth will be much lower, or even decline, because no one can significantly reduce traffic congestion.

Finally, whether it is a car networking layout slowly to, or the success of a motorcycle into manned transportation, automatic driving car will still become the mainstream of the future, because technology is always running ahead of the.