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Magical! Vietnam motorcycle main load of four cats on the road

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on October 26th, recently, on Facebook a Vietnam motorcycle main carrying four kittens on the video causing users concern, traffic exceeded 2 million times.

It happened in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi City, when the peak traffic, and crowded traffic, a motorcycle especially interesting. Because the motorcycle in addition to the owner, there are four kittens: one of the lying on the handle, the other three are lying on the back seat of the car.

Duy Phuong Nguyen shooting video, said the video of the motorcycle owners often like this with a cat travel, and the kittens are also very enjoy this trip mode. Mr. Yuen also added, in fact, in Vietnam, this scene is also very common, he had seen cats lying on the back of the scene of the motorcycle.

This video is only 27 seconds, but it has more than 2 million hits.