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Motorcycle Beginner: Buying Your First Motorcycle

Motorcycle Beginner: Buying Your First Motorcycle

I’ve got my license, I’ve got my riding gear, and I’ve been through a rider training program.

Now comes the fun part and one of the most frequently asked questions by new riders: what bike should I get?

Pete Brissette wrote an excellent article on this topic last summer, recommending five good starter bikes (and five alternate choices) covering a variety of motorcycle categories such as cruisers, and dual sports.

Pete also discussed a couple of key points that deserve repeating: the right bike for one person might not be the right bike for another, and a 600cc supersport race replica is not a sensible choice for an inexperienced rider.

The latter point is one frequently repeated by more experienced riders, and yet every now and then, a newbie comes along asking “I’m just starting out as a rider and I’m looking for a first bike. Should I go for the R6 or the ZX-6R?”

I can understand the appeal of these supersports. They’re fast, they’re sexy, and they look like what you see racing the Daytona 200.    On the other hand, they are less forgiving than smaller bikes, cost more to own and insure, and truthfully, they offer higher performance than many people really need.    For this beginner series, our choice for a first bike was made from the outset. The 2011 Honda CBR250R is the shiny new kid on the block, a low-displacement thumper with a high-class finish and the winner of our 2011 250cc Beginner Bike Shootout. As of this writing, I’ve already put in a couple of weeks on the CBR250R, so look for a report on that real soon.

But for most new riders, the Honda CBR250R is one of many options available as an effective, manageable and affordable first bike. So for this segment of the Motorcycle.comBeginner Series, we’ll take a look at some of the options on the market, and examine some of the factors to consider when shopping for your first motorcycle.