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Visit the the Great Wall guard riding

The following text, written in the night before departure:

That year, "ice age" dream to dream come true, the student in thousands of miles of riding, let me the art students into the automotive media door, realize the dream of my childhood. As in the past 15 years, I have not changed since the beginning of the heart, love the car reporter this occupation, but compared with sitting behind the wheel, my bones are always a knight.

Because of love, because the bones of fun and unruly, I once again respect yourself, and started in the motorcycle field work, created a strong driving force, committed to create a new world, in his motorcycle and outdoor sports fields like "yes, with the same name," Jin belongs to me life.

Tomorrow, I will open my # visit the Great Wall guard riding #, carefully set foot on my cycling life.

Be thankful and wish you all the help and care for me! May everything go well.

The following is the diary of a ride in the Great Wall

In September 13, 2016, my colleagues and I small Binbin Road, thanks to the way he accompanied his open-minded and happy infected me deeply.

In this trip, a few dreams from my heart: the the Great Wall, the long march and motorcycle trip to Tibet. In the past, I often envy other people to quit job, so that you can change the gap between the work to give yourself a holiday, and I have never had such an experience. So, I resigned second days after the start, start on the exploration of "the Great Wall", this is for my own gift, is his breakthrough life reward cage before, appreciate the hardships and risks, I should treat myself! With this kind of trip to be brave and strong, this is a landmark, is set sail once again in my life.

# Jin powerbike explore the Great Wall is the guardian of this theme is to give # riding, but such a motorized brigade of the soul, because of this "soul", this trip is more meaningful, and this is what I want to see. I like in the exclusive cooperation between NetEase and the "Jin Jin power power and cool cars" live broadcasts on several occasions: the Great Wall is a Chinese pride, is a symbol of Chinese civilization, however, our pride is because our actions today in shame! The Great Wall is constantly damaged and disappeared. As a nation that is moving towards a glorious Renaissance, when we are rich in the future, we want to pursue the spirit of how to live to meet? I do not intend to stand in the height of Moral Rhetoric, just do a meaningful thing, rather than an aimless Sahuan only this is better.

After starting the trip even carefully designed can not be so perfect, this is the God to give me praise. The first day I met is told French television interview "Chinese the Great Wall conservation society" in the the Great Wall Juyongguan the secretary general, and before that, we contact several times to ask for help, were rejected. Afternoon, we in the town of Badaling successfully found a lifetime obligation to protect the Great Wall old Mei Jingtian, on the second day after we arrived in Shanxi at high speed for 5 minutes, and found the same in the Great Wall guard Yin Chengwu old life. And before this, we did not contact in advance, and even without their phone, and some just a name and where the village......

The fourth day of my circle of friends of this text, it is possible that the future can let me long memories of the moment, that he is not a reward for me!

It was completely dark, the rain had drenched birds or riding clothes, tirelessly to 120 kilometers per hour and was inserted into the front of the rain, the temperature quickly dropped to 14 degrees of instrumentation, but I sense is already below zero. He did not take a raincoat because of the small, there are dozens of kilometers, I do not bother to change, simply to accompany him. Ningxia high speed on almost no service area, we have no place to hide, my patience gradually reached the limit......

Fortunately, Wang Feng's song accompany me all the way, continue to give me power, let me full of pride, I love this feeling, like in the stubborn always urged their forward, do not know fear, naturally do not want to go back......

Fifth days in Yulin, because I have a small Binbin nature, in the live two hours before the whim to find wild the Great Wall after the injury, I wish I was forty years old, not to make such a mistake. Sorry, my good brother.

The sixth day of the wilderness is running a small Binbin most love, the place which no human habitation in vision, we used GS found ancient the Great Wall "five pier", although a small Binbin broke the car, but we two brothers had a tremendous effort of self-help success is definitely a wonderful moment of this trip.

The seventh day, we hung on the wall of the Great Wall and Jiayuguan at the end of the trip took 3 hours and 40 minutes of broadcast, video browsing amount is more than 720 thousand, creating a "powerful impetus and coolcar RadioButtonList record". Therefore, I will no longer on the contents of today's more graphic narrative, don't have time to watch video playback, just look at the picture below.

After seven days, as trassient as a fleeting cloud.

Tomorrow, but also set off, and screw......