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1972 Honda CB400 Four: Britain’s Best-loved Classic

Engine 408cc, SOHC, air-cooled, inline four
Power 37bhp Weight 184kg 
Value £2800-£6000

"This bike has a very special place in my heart as we have restored so many of them, easily over 50. We sell more parts for the 400/4 than any other classic Honda and they are by far and away the most popular classic in the UK and Japan. 

"This was the first Honda that was built with European styling tastes in mind and it does look wonderful with its café racer look, side-swept headers and four-into-one pipe.


"If you are looking at owning a rideable classic, the 400/4 is a perfect choice as you can easily buy spares, they are reliable, have an electric start and you can buy one for around £3000."

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