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2016 Kenya Exhibition Of Automobile And Motorcycle Accessories

Scope of exhibits

Car, truck, bus, dedicated car, motorcycle, various car spare parts, and air conditioning, and car audio, and anti-theft products, and electronic equipment, and battery, and belt, and brake parts, and chassis, and clutch device, and cooling system, and drive and the transmission, and metal component, and heavy vehicles parts and the annex, and tire, upgrade equipment, and service equipment, and debugging equipment, and vehicles maintenance tool and equipment, and maintenance workshop equipment, and car lamps and the car beauty supplies,.

Exhibition introduction

Kenya Exhibition Group 18th Kenya International Auto show will be held in May 2016, during which he will have exhibitors from 17 countries showing all products in the automotive industry and related manufacturing equipment and machinery, and this exhibition are Kenya held the longest, largest automobile and motorcycle exhibition. Kenya in East Africa and South Africa free trade market of Member States, is the center of trade and finance in East Africa. Although Kenya itself is one of the largest auto markets in Africa, hosting is focused on attracting traders and importers of the neighboring countries to visit. From trade visitors from throughout the Eastern and Central African countries were invited. From Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Mozambique and Zaire's regional trade organizations. 80%-85% of exhibitors came from abroad. 85% of exhibitors are satisfied with the results of the exhibition, a short three-day show, trading at $ 21 million. Organizer, direct invitations from almost all non-East Auto Trader. China area has always been the local buyers love, receive adequate attention during the exhibition. Due to poor road conditions and Kenya car market mainly dominated by used cars, so the strong demand for auto parts. With the rapid economic development in recent years, Kenya the East African nation in the hat off poverty in Africa at the same time, demand for new vehicles, especially pickups and trucks also continues to grow.