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2016 Steadily Motorcycle Industry Promotion

Motorcycle developed rapidly in emerging markets. Traffic jams are problems in urban areas, although urban road and public transport improved in recent years, but still cannot meet the people. Motorcycles with high mobility and economy, automobile restrictions and shuttle transport, many city residents are more likely to choose the motorcycle travel tools, motorcycle market in a fast growth trend of the city. 2015 1 in December, the City Scooter trend growth, sales 3.3839 million and 3.3826 million, yields fell 0.15%, 0.35% sales rose over curved beam motor become China's second largest motorcycle models. With China's rapid economic development and improve people's living standard, motorcycles and leisure and entertainment market in China is developing fast, gradually becoming a popular motorcycle lifestyle. 250ml motorcycle with entertainment as the main purpose is developing rapidly, product models are increasing, importing motorcycles are rising rapidly. Expects to import about 23,000 motorcycles, motorcycle 16,700 250ml above.

Exports fell more distinctly. In 2015, China's motorcycle exports fell significantly, exports from five continents, only Latin America growth, Africa and Europe, a decline of more than 20%. Exports from the top ten countries, largest export country of Myanmar, a decline of 25%, Nigeria, a decline of more than 50%. Currently due to large of has export qualification of "import and export company" and the some domestic assembled enterprise, procurement cheap of not qualified parts assembled (whole car using life only 2 years), low price dumping (not to 1500 Yuan Yuan) to this two national, on China products and the China brand caused is big damage, as this development this two national has may will became second, and third a "Viet Nam". So far, Latin America still has great potential for demand for motorcycles. Chinese motorcycle has a stable export market in these areas. The next few years, as the tensions in Latin America region, China's motorcycle export market will maintain regular growth without much change.