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A Chinese-made Good Motorcycle Haojue TR150 Right Out Of The Box Reports

I believe many friends all know haojue with Suzuki to produce too many best-selling International Motorcycle 150cc motorcycle cruising areas (also known as Port-au-Prince), haojue factory sold over the years has been successfully produced haojue Suzuki motorcycle GZ150 American Prince.

Relies on its stable quality and exquisite workmanship, GZ150 after years of development, but did not conduct a thorough facelift. In my opinion, haojue has very complete digestion and absorption of the Japan Suzuki motorcycle on this model of technology and production skills, it is time to try independent research and development, launched a new trendy high quality 150cc motorcycle cruising.

Speed sensor rear wheel, rather than the traditional joint venture car front wheel mechanical speedometer cable, I think this design is equipped with ABS and other more advanced configuration for the future have space. At no-load condition, TR150 table of speeds of up to 122km/h, the highest speed at the time of actual road conditions, we in the vehicles running after to show you the real score.