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Car And Motorcycle Aftermarket Associations 2016 Spring Meeting Concluded Successfully

When medieval Europe Eastern Mediterranean traders to escape domination and bondage of feudal lords, started the collection Chamber of Commerce was established, on the one hand and commercial disputes, on the one hand to safeguard their own interests.

To the beginning of the 19 century, 20th century, beginning of the Westernization movement in the land of China, first Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China Business Conference Hall was set up between Chinese traders and businessmen have a platform for mutual benefit.

Time in 2007, new China since reform and opening up, the various chambers of Commerce set up and growth promoted the development of China's private economy. On October 13 of that year, Chongqing Association (Chamber of Commerce) car and motorcycle aftermarket associations (hereinafter referred to as Chongqing motorcycle Association), establishment of the marks on the basis of the old industrial base of Chongqing, also started to walk, mission development road. Chongqing automobile and motorcycle accessories industry norms and contribute to the development, which became the Chamber of Commerce's mission.