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China Motocross Championships In September 23rd Will Be Held In Taibai

China motocross Championships in September 23rd will be held in Taibai

In September 13th, Baoji Municipal People's Government Information Office held a press conference, announced in September 23rd, "Ao Shan Cup" China motocross Championship (Baoji - TaiBai Railway Station) will be held in Shaanxi province.

According to the Baoji Municipal Sports Bureau Li Fusheng introduced, the event (Baoji TaiBai Railway Station) competition by the Chinese automobile and motorcycle sports federation, the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Baoji Municipal People's government. The event is the largest and highest level of domestic motorcycle motocross events match the widest region, as the annual station game, the last race held in Qinglong County of Qianxi Prefecture in Guizhou province.

TaiBai Railway Station of the game is a total of domestic 110cc models youth group, domestic 150cc models, domestic 250cc following models, imported 250cc models A group, imported 250cc models B group of 5 groups. Will attract more than 20 teams across the country, more than 70 riders to come to the competition. The morning of September 23rd, the referees and staff training, the afternoon of September 24th tryout; competition; the morning of September 25th finals and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Taibai county average elevation of 1000 meters above the county is the highest elevation, suitable for holding motocross. The selected field in Taibai County southeast ministry of Aoshan at the foot of the Yunxi Valley Resort, built a stadium covers an area of 98 acres, the track is 1.3 km long, 10 meters wide, parking lot, room and garage arbitration work space are completed, Longmen court frame, departure background plate and other ancillary facilities are being built, making.

During the event will be the implementation of the separation of people and vehicles, pass, above the eyebrow ginger highway five Li Po Tang Kou Cun Tang Kou market site, arranged in the parking area 3 ferry in the stadium, surrounding the construction of parking lot 3, parking vehicles may be parked more than 5000 units, more than 2 people every day to meet the demand of spectators.

Zhang Jianke said recently, Taibai county magistrate, the State Sports General Administration of national walking training base construction of the 150 people identified in the Taibai, November is expected to begin training with this event, Taibai county will take this opportunity to launch sprint national Alpine sports base.