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Davidson China International Motorcycle Exposition

October 20, 2016, one hundred years of the legendary brand of Davidson's debut with many models unveiled the fourteenth China International Motorcycle expo. Stylish, unruly unruly Harley style, to create a rich American sensory feast for the fans Chinese locomotive, ignited the desire they broke through the shackles, the free flow of blood.

In the passionate booth, the Halley family, a variety of heavy vehicles lined up, a road trip right Touring travel car; nimble City Shuttle Knight Street 750 and classic Softail on behalf of Fat Boy and tag heuer; personality Special feizai custom and Road King road king. On the other side, the function and style is still cool in a Harley apparel and accessories also make every fan site linger unceasingly; interactive realistic modification, popular VR full of Halley's experience elements also gathered a considerable popularity. At day 20 more g. H.O.G. Chongqing branch member of the spontaneous organization of cool riding.

More than Chongqing Harley Owners "ride" cheer for Harley poly

Motorcycles are gradually becoming the soul of the Chinese knights of the placement of the sustenance, the development of Chinese culture and the development of cycling needs more personalized riding products and services. The potential market and the spirit of the brand and products of Harley Davidson represented by the one and only so many investors had a strong interest, held during the Expo, the Harley Davidson investment forum also attracted a large number of investors. In the forum, the senior of the people not only share the history and future of the business development of the Chinese market in the future, but also with the presence of the participants to interact and exchange.

"China is one of our focus on the market in the Asia Pacific region, and is also one of the most potential market," Peter president of the Asia Pacific emerging markets and Chinese District Mr. Mackenzie said, "since 2005, Harley Davidson entered the China, we are committed to Haredo like products and personality of the brand culture to China knights. So we have always focused on the further expansion of the dealer network, and hope that we can find love and willing to join us in the Chinese market and we go hand in hand, create brilliant, to achieve a win-win partnership. "

2016 Chongqing branch of the owners will be the official appointment ceremony photo