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Daye Qianjiang Motorcycle Brand, Suning O2O Into The Fast Lane

Hand Benali, Andes, and so on, to enter the motor sales industry

With the increasing prosperity of the motorcycle culture, the rapid development of international and domestic all kinds of motorcycle brands, motorcycle sales market competition has become white hot. The severe market competition, in addition to its own brand promotion, competitive sales platform is the major business of a hotly contested spot.

Suning.com as the largest O2O retail giant, the operation on the car, the line opened car supermarkets, Benali hand motorcycle brand giants frequently show that the march of automobile and motorcycle industry's ambition and efficient operation. On the basis of the successful operation of auto retail, attachment powerful Internet online and offline stores, finance, logistics, customer service and information support for suning.com, fully into the motorcycle retail industry may only be a matter of time.

Suning.com Auto Center Marketing Director Cao Daming said that the recent suning.com and many famous motorcycle brands conducted several negotiations, the ultimate goal is to reach a motorcycle distribution, finance, service, spare parts, maintenance of all-round cooperation. Behind the powerful application platform, I believe that suning.com motorcycle sales market comprehensive opening, will give domestic consumers brought huge benefits and convenient channel for consumers to choose Car Buying, more convenient free.

The reporter understands, as Italy is the world's oldest motorcycle manufacturer of Benelli and suning.com in hand after all the chips in a successful, fully demonstrated its strong sales channels and brand charm. It is reported that during the double eleven, Blaupunkt Benelli motorcycle dragon BN302 ABS will be sent straight down 1000 (New), silver helmet blade BJ250T-8 ABS straight down 1000 upgrade imported tire (New), small dragon BJ250 2015 straight down 2000, a Car Buying send 16 decals.

Originated in the South American Andes Andean brands, deep South American motorcycle market for many years, its products overseas, in the upcoming double eleven, the Andean brand will be what kind of Hurricane blowing at suning.com, it is worth looking forward to.

Relying on the powerful O2O operation, build car product integration management

Suning.com Auto Center Marketing Director Cao Daming said that 2016 is the suning.com vehicle business online and offline integration of full development, with Beijing as the representative of the key region of the line stores successfully opened vehicle retail, car supermarket opened smoothly, to the public at the downtown home in front of the suning.com stores will be able to experience the ride, a car, buy station service, from the back of automobile 4S shop long-distance run bitter.

It is reported that the suning.com car products (accessories) relying on the unique O2O business model has successfully opened double sales one-stop business, consumers can at any time through the line of stores all kinds of consulting car products (parts) in favor of suning.com online orders, enjoy huge benefits at the same time, a comprehensive understanding of product attributes and logistics details, pre-sales and customer service service can enjoy seamless.

At the same time, provides a convenient multiple security suning.com car product line the same channel for consumers, businesses, which located in the O2O integration features of Suning financial, Su Ningjin's wayward pay based on Control for consumers, and actively open up the vehicle and vehicle staging and payment process.

Suning to help customers to provide professional, convenient and secure standardized home service for the purpose, after Suning auto product line successfully layout, will also help to provide customer through Suning tire installation, accessories installation and maintenance, cleaning, maintenance and other related services for the majority of riders, perfect auto supplies exhibition, integration sales, service, experience.