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Do Not Take The Ordinary Road Hydrogen Fuel Motorcycle

Recently, the folk began to "clean energy really clean" argument, that all the electric vehicles, electric motorcycles and electric powered vehicles spared. But behind all sorts of disputes in the end is what we can make nothing of it, we certainly would not be concerned about the common people, but the public never worry about can not find the topic, since fuel and electric cars are "obsolete", and hydrogen fuel car.

The trend of the times, the protection and development of energy as an eternal theme of human survival, the moment more and more people's attention. Who left any kind of energy, can not live. Both the scientists and scholars, no matter for what purpose, it is in the efforts for the people a better life, said too much nonsense. In the electric car full of "universal" before, zero pollution of hydrogen fuel has become the focus of major manufacturers, as early as the 2004 Paris auto show, the French Peugeot launched the hydrogen fuel concept car - Quark.

The hydrogen fuel sounds very tall on the wood there? Its working principle seems to be very simple, you can fill in the brain of junior high school chemistry was the first chemical formula. The core component is an electrochemical device which can be converted into electric energy by the combination of hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen fuel is completely clean and environmentally friendly because it does not produce carbon dioxide and other harmful gases when it provides the driving force.

The four round of the two Quark seat design looks a bit like ATV, but as a concept car you can not jump to conclusions, might be a "game master". The shape and style of the whole vehicle engineering design coordination is in place, the front one can recognize it "beautiful" face, body and it at the same time, cars have a lot in common, the whole car color is also highly consistent, only in order to highlight the rear center of the hydrogen fuel storage tank and a specially designed red.

Before the concept of Quark motorcycle launch, has also released the two "car", so the overall performance and technology content is improved based on the two predecessors, driving more quiet, mileage has increased dramatically. Quark power is provided by a nickel metal hydride battery, the battery has a total of 40 cells, each cell voltage of 7.2 volts, the entire battery voltage can reach 288 volts.

Quark power transmission system is through the battery pack will be able to transmit power to four independent electric motors, each independently drive each wheel. The maximum torque of four motors can provide a total of up to 400 nm, stable output power of 10 kilowatts, the maximum power is reached a staggering 28 kilowatts.

Because of the use of four independent motors, so Quark can be regarded as a four-wheel drive car. Through an electronic control module to control the four motors operate independently, will adjust the power output according to the operation of the rider. Traditional models on the ESP, ABS, power steering systems and other technologies have been applied in the Quark.

In the Quark development process is not so smooth. Peugeot R & D team would like to have a lot of ways to simplify the battery pack, reduce the size, so that it can be installed in the future to a smaller and more compact models. Therefore Quark uses air cooling and water cooling is to save space, the province out of space can be used to put other equipment. In addition, the use of air cooling have solved a problem puzzling the battery: pure water in subzero temperatures in tends to cause permanent damage to the battery. Quark uses the battery pack antifreeze design, so that it can adapt to any weather conditions. 9 liters of hydrogen storage capacity, the pressure can reach 700 bar. Economic model, one can travel 100 kilometers, after the fuel is used up, you can easily replace another fuel tank, to avoid looking for gas stations and charging stations embarrassment.