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Have A Beauty Of Strength, Understand Self-improvement!

Have a beauty of strength, understand self-improvement! Beauty Ruiyun cheshen Li Vita

Angel face, the devil figure of Li Ruiyun Vita, both from the figure or beautiful pictures, it is difficult to make her masculine Racing Association, but since the beginning of 2008, Vita not only fought on both sides of the big motorcycle races, repeated success, won five of the tournament single game championship challenge once more high degree of difficulty of 4600 kilometers of the Silk Road, to rely on their own efforts to become the most dazzling beauty car racer.

The beauty of God Vita will continue to participate in 2016 this year, the California racing school curriculum in Beijing

Began to accept the Taiwan Hengdian Motorcycle Training Institute in early 2013 Vita participated in the training of all the Hengdian, complete training at the end of 2013 the completion of the California racing school corners of the Bible, after completion of training Vita not only reduces the number of exercises or race crash, and also get many size trophy, more in one fell swoop won Chinese road racing championship ShangHai Railway Station first, but also a number of trainers in mainland motorcycle field, and in this year, Vita is also ready to participate in the Beijing golden port circuit I was the driver in the event before the contest, and self training, Vita returned to California racing school training system is the most familiar, and at their own expense in the school curriculum, using the July 7-8 curve LEVEL4 Bible courses, so that they can learn more skills, and by the United States and Australia for Hong Kong's coaches Track to make the analysis, look forward to a better performance.

Before class Vita driving 1000cc car always dare not exercise, mainly because small, always thought that such a high-powered car to use brute force confrontation, so have not been able to ride the 1000cc car, but the car California cornering Bible school curriculum, the original bike does not rely on brute force, but is the use of transfer the eyes of the message to the brain, and use the body to help make the right car Jin Qiao, instruction, in such training, Vita more than control BMW S1000RR cars, also control the DUCATI1199 race car, this is before the training no thought to him, also let her thoroughly enjoy a carefree big bike feel.