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Motorcycle Market Appearance Order Changed

"Now we pass this way, much more convenient, road repair in the past was gone, pavement spacious vehicles placed in order, walking much more comfortable! "On October 20, Mr pipa Wang Li of the municipal agricultural Bureau issued such a sigh before the road motorcycle market.

Pipa Road King motorcycle market a total of 12 away from the car, sell car stores. For a long time, the stores out of road repair, motorcycle sales, more than 200 square meters of floor placed over and over before the market motorcycles, spare parts and repair kits, disorder, and oil was on the ground, it will affect the market image and interfere with normal traffic. In order to change this phenomenon, City law enforcement detachment, an army times from early September to the motorcycle market management office door, with its officials to discuss solutions and reaching consensus, unified management standards. On Chengguan's repeated efforts, to ping before replacing it into the motorcycle market management office of asphalt pavement, and carve out a market for each Street store motorcycle repair. Then, Chengguan work done by door-to-door to stores, issued a notice of rectification, and 1 meter in front of every store to draw yellow lines, requesting the store items may not go beyond the yellow line. Before we engage in concentration and control brigade organization of 12 owners to convene meetings, preaching once again management standards, mobilizing owners maintain the image of civilized cities Yueyang, and display 4 propaganda banners. From October 8, the Brigade organized concentration and control, registration and preservation of 2 illegal display of motorcycles and more than 10 pieces of repair tools. At present, the motorcycle market comprehensive change of appearance order.