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Prohibition Of The Car Can Not Help But A Motorcycle In Spain, There Is A Single Clock

In Chinese, about the traffic restrictions, hear more is less restricted motorcycles, cars. However, on the other side of the distant the Atlantic, but there is a city, to prohibit the car, but the two wheeled vehicles.

Ponte Vadera (Pontevedra), is a Spanish city, located in the northwest of Spain, Galicia, is the capital of the province of Ponte Vadera, lake the Atlantic. It is the birthplace of Columbo, the ship sailed for America is built in the Santa maria. Ponte Vadera covers an area of 118 square kilometers and has a population of 83000 residents.

This is the only city in the world where there are no cars in the city. In this city, the children can be free to play football on the road, the road on the terrace; people can enjoy the sunshine; stroller moms don't worry about automobile noise and air pollution; the old people can be free from restraint to walk, without worry do not know from where it will suddenly out of a car.

Why is it that the car is not allowed to travel in this place?

This should start from the history of the city: more than ten years ago, Ponte Vadera, the road is also full of cars, usually want to find a parking space is difficult, the space is very limited to the pedestrian.

The traffic jam is the main traffic center in the homely food, on the day, some more than 20 thousand cars parked in the open is not on the road (you can make up the brain of our city's rush hour). And because more cars, resulting in a very serious air pollution.

Mayor Ponte Vadera Miguel took office, when he faced the situation almost paralyzed the city traffic and a lot of city traffic planning, made a bold decision: the center of the city traffic, and the quality of life of the people is always a contradiction, since there is a solution that is perfect in every respect, all the cars are banned!

The policy began to be opposed to more than 3000 businesses, businesses have called several large demonstrations to boycott the mayor. At that time, even ordinary people are not confident about the plan, and this also let the mayor almost lost his job. But the facts speak louder than words, with the strong implementation of the policy and no car to bring significant changes in the city, the public's fear soon disappeared, merchants are also gradually no longer opposed, turned to support. Ying ying. MotoGP in Spain each year, a season with Grez, Barcelona, Aragon, Valencia four race, the driver (three groups) the number of nearly 30. Even before the king and queen of Spain, also visit the site to watch. As a motorcycle enthusiast, you want to place the Spanish motorcycle, driving their own car "roar" in a circle?

When people will be fast-paced life gradually slowed down, in the street to stroll casually do not have to worry about traffic jam or accident. Without the barrier of the car case, people have more opportunities to meet, and slowly, the exchange will be more.

No car, no car Ponte Vadera also prohibits the direct establishment of a large supermarket, but it saved the lives of many small shops, and convenient for people's life.

Residents said that the quality of life was significantly improved than before, although the purchase price of goods in large supermarkets a little bit before, but it is much more expensive to buy. And food for a long time after put is not fresh, also can lead to the loss of nutrients.

Because no car plans to live in the suburbs of the public every month to spend in the car is reduced to only 50 in Europe, with the average monthly consumption of residents in other city cars over the same period of 200 euro compared to a much less expenditure. To this end, people have more budget for better quality food. In order to achieve the urban car free plan, mayor Miguel continuous planning rectification, Ponte Vadera town has experienced a series of reforms. Parking lot parking area and destroy; increase the green area; cut off the car pathway, expand sidewalks; road is no longer the first order after the car pedestrian, pedestrians, bicycles, but public transport, and finally the private car...... Until today, the coverage of the car plan is still slowly expanding.

Two years ago, Ponte Vadera's car free zone has accounted for half of the entire urban area, covering the 2/3 urban residents. Although it is now in the suburbs of Ponte Vadera can also drive, but since 2010 has been the speed limit of 30 yards, while the central area is strictly prohibited car. Surrounded by huge parking lots around Ponte Vadera City, 8000 parking spaces are provided free of charge. This is very convenient for people living in the suburbs to go to work in the urban areas. Because no matter from which car park, walk to the city center of the time in less than 10 minutes. In contrast, the two wheeled vehicles in Ponte Vadera did not prohibit. Central zone electric cars, bicycles can be unimpeded, although the motorcycle has been limited (speed limit, residents gathered in the vicinity of the school can not travel), but also the situation is much better than the car.

Why does Ponte Vadera ban cars for two rounds? This is because the motorcycle is one of the three major sports in Spain, the other two are football and tennis.

Compared with other countries, Spain's law on motorcycle hand "relative tolerance". According to the Spanish traffic regulations, you can use a light motor when you get a driver's license. When you have a driver's license for 3 years, you can drive a 125cc of a motorcycle. Therefore, the road basically engine roared past are two countries, motorcycle elsewhere rare Mancheng streets have gathered all the Spanish town, and the streets of ancient buildings.

The people are so enthusiastic, Spain's motorcycle industry is also very prosperous. In addition to local well-known brands in the world and more people for having heard it many times, choose the local production of Derbi, GasGas, HRD motor, Crono, Maquina, Rieju, Montesa and so on, it is worth mentioning that the Derbi in recent years in the world tournament of outstanding achievements, and GasGas also have their own team, especially in the test match and Enduro has made remarkable achievements.

In addition, with the decline of F1, more speed enthusiasts into the camp motoGP. MotoGP in Spain each year, a season with Grez, Barcelona, Aragon, Valencia four race, the driver (three groups) the number of nearly 30. Even before the king and queen of Spain, also visit the site to watch. As a motorcycle enthusiast, you want to place the Spanish motorcycle, driving their own car "roar" in a circle?