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The Sales Of Motorcycle Industry In August 2016

The sales of motorcycle industry in August 2016

According to the China Automobile Industry Association statistical analysis, August 2016, motorcycle sales rose last month; 1-8 month, the whole industry cumulative production, sales are more than 10 million units, a decline of slightly smaller than the 1-7 month.

August, the industry completed a motorcycle sales of 1 million 371 thousand and 700 and 1 million 361 thousand and 800, an increase of 4.04% and 4%, down 11.73% and 11.33%. Among them, two motorcycles and 1 million 208 thousand and 500 cars and 1 million 197 thousand and 100 vehicles, up 4.49% and 4.25% QoQ, 12.41% and 11.96% year-on-year decline; motorcycle sales of 163 thousand and 200 cars and 164 thousand and 800 vehicles, up 0.76% and 2.22% QoQ, down 6.42% and 6.35%.

1-8 months, the industry's total production and sales of 10 million 851 thousand and 100 and 10 million 826 thousand and 800, down 14.25% and 14.52%, a decline of 0.33 and 0.42 percentage points over the 1-7 month. Among them, the two round of motorcycle production and sales of 9 million 519 thousand and 300 and 9 million 499 thousand and 500, down 14.88% and 15.18%, three wheeled motorcycle production and sales of 1 million 331 thousand and 800 and 1 million 327 thousand and 300, down 9.39% and 9.52%. 1-8 month, the industry wide motorcycle sales rate was 99.78%, down 0.32 percentage points over the same period last year.

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