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Their Charm Is Waiting For You To Discover.

Their charm is waiting for you to discover.

do not say giraffe, but to look at those are not so famous but still charming Mini models.


I don't know if you have noticed, this car is more and more of the world's mini fans favor. In fact, the classic characteristics of monkeys have gbaya, cute figure, double circle lamp sign of the match, the unique collocation to off-road two. I believe that in the near future, this model will be a big shine!

CT50 Motra Honda

This is like Honda in the years 1982-1983 produced specifically for the Japanese market, a small mini motorcycle. It is not difficult to see, Motra has a distinct rugged appearance, special steel tube frame, with front and rear large luggage rack, plus solid wheels, unique, gives a very stocky feeling. Because the production cycle is short, and now the market has rarely seen, but that doesn't understand his friends crazy for.

CY80 Honda

This is like Honda in 1980 about the development of a mini car, the standard is four stroke 80CC engine, 5.5 horsepower, speed can reach 75km/h. At first glance, the CY80 is a little bit APE of taste, slightly larger than the monkey physique. Year with its sister models XL50 and XL75 at the same time in the United States released. There are three colors, white, blue and orange.


We preferred walking! Everyone all right! A structure similar to beam car, let him become a mini car travel leader! But with the general curved beam car is different, Babili has a thick retro style, simple and chic style, while taking into account the convenience of riding at the same time, a full personality taste! The muffler design of large open hole in the brain is the icing on the cake!

Trail Hopper MT50 Suzuki

SUZUKI launched in 1972. It is not difficult to see that its main competitor is the Honda monkey. 50cc air-cooled two stroke engine can run 35 miles per hour, the total weight is only 60 kg. There is no doubt that the monkey's awareness of this car is not higher than a little bit, but Xiaobian think the flowers into the eye, SUZUKI of this MT50 are quite common in the United States at the time, the market also achieved good results. Before and after the handbrake, louver like silencer heat shield, coupled with the unique design of the tank cover, the overall feeling is also quite novel coordination.

1971 MiniBike Dynamo Benelli

This has not heard of people, the original old motorcycle manufacturers in Italy Benali also had in the last century and 70s production of mini retro cars, is said to be very excellent speed and durability. And at the same time the other mini cars, the car through a clever place to control the length of the fuel tank, which can be configured to more comfortable long cushion.

In fact, the locomotive is like wine, through the history of precipitation was more mellow, even if again for a long time can not cover up the light itself.