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YOTO Durable Design

yotoStainless steel muffler
See your car muffler rust, not only affects the appearance, also affect the mood. Suzuki Haojue national III car using SUS4090L stainless steel muffler, even though sediment splash wear off the outer coating, also can effectively prevent the oxidation of muffler, not easy to rust. (cross cycling and curved beam vehicle using all stainless steel muffler)

yotoNon fading PP pieces
Ordinary motorcycle through the sun and rain, non plastic paint (PP pieces) easy to fade. Suzuki Haojue PP raw material by Japan MITSUBISHI chemical technology, anti aging, normal use, ensure that 10 years do not fade.

yotoHigh intake system
Designed specifically for the Chinese road design, the air filter inlet is arranged on the top of the helmet box, away from the low-lying dust diffuse layer, into the ash is one tenth of the car in general, the maximum extend the service life of the engine.
yotoWear resistant brake shoe
Often in the complex road driving, frequent braking will make the brake shoe quickly wear, really annoying. Super wear-resistant material is used by the Suzuki Haojue, brake hoof block wear resistance increased more than 3 times, does not need to be replaced frequently, money and worry.

yotoAdvanced AVSS cable
The excellent flexibility of senior AVSS cable, and cable bending part in adding corrugated protective tube (wrapped Nitto tape), even at 20 degrees below zero in the low temperature environment, also can ensure that 20 million times bent not brittle fracture.

* Note: certain features and configurations do not apply to all models, specific configuration information, please refer to the actual car.